Mailing House Solutions

We're a Canada Post Smartmail Marketing Partner.

What You Are Needing 

Do you need one stop printing and Canada Post mailing services? Contact us for advice on the best way to reach your customers. Direct mail is cost effective and has a proven track record.

Canada Post Mailing House

What We Can Do For You 

We can print your mail, process your mailing list, address and submit to Canada Post on your behalf all in one easy step.

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Our mailing house solutions include:

Mailing Services 

  • Provision of mailing lists
  • Postage Discounts
  • High Speed inkjet addressing direct from your database files
  • Laser printing of personalized letters and other documents ( Variable Data )
  • High speed digital black & white and colour photocopying
  • Insertion (automated or manual) of documents into envelopes
  • Folding of letter stock and other material
  • Matching
  • Collating
  • Sealing envelopes
  • Label generation and application
  • Affixing live postage
  • Product and literature fulfillment
  • Binder and kit assembly
  • Polybagging
  • Shipping and courier services ( CDN, USA and ITL )


  • Data Entry
  • Database design, set-up and management
  • Address and postal code verification and corrections
  • Processing of updates (additions and changes to your database)
  • File conversion, analysis, and reporting
  • Merging of data files and elimination of duplicates
  • Purging from your ‘Kill List’
  • Upper and lowercase letter conversion
  • Data warehousing
  • National change of address service (NCOA)
  • Name and address standardization

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An Innovative Partnership

We’ve developed a collaborative partnership with Ampersand Printing, in Guelph, Ontario. All commercial paper print will be handled by Ampersand from Guelph and Waterloo locations. At Innovative, our focus will be on large format print and signage, labeling and packaging, and we’ll continue providing website services.

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