T&T Power Group


Project Overview

When T&T Power Group first contacted us, they were a small company on an impressive growth trajectory. With deep roots of customer service and a strong, developing product lineup, they needed to match their company image to who they were, as well as who they were becoming. Rather than simply produce the print materials their business required, we sat together and took a strategic look at who they were and how they could best communicate themselves going forward.


Print Collateral
Product Decals
Trade Show Displays
Vehicle Signage

Logo & Brand Development

Rethinking the company face, of course, began with a hard look at branding. To maintain touchpoints of continuity with their existing brand, we kept a similar colour palette, as well as italic lettering. But the logo took on an entirely new, intentionally clean, and strong, dynamic style—a look that represented their company well and that was easily recognizable in a broad range of applications. Adding the ampersand gave much greater clarity to the name’s readability, as did moving the Power Group type to a position visually after the T&T. The subtle electric bolt in the & represents the company’s roots and their expertise in power generation.



Stationery & Print

We also developed an entire suite of print collateral, per T&T's requirements, and per the guidelines we created as part of initial branding. These items included business cards, effective and informative sales brochures, presentation folders, employee letterheads and product manuals. We took care to select paper stocks that complimented the quality of their brand throughout.

Vehicles, Signage & Decals

T&T is also a company with a full fleet of vehicles on the road, as well as many installations of generator units. Both were readily available to extend the reach of the brand. We put these to work with clean, very recognizable decals that used consistent colour schemes. These needed to be weather-proof and resilient in outside elements.

Trade Show Elements

T&T also strengthened their tradeshow presence with captivating booth graphics that caught potential customers attention and communicated their essential message effectively. A curved fabric tension backdrop with powerful graphics and a branded podium for a customer connect point combined as the key elements of this new booth.

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An Innovative Partnership

We’ve developed a collaborative partnership with Ampersand Printing, in Guelph, Ontario. All commercial paper print will be handled by Ampersand from Guelph and Waterloo locations. At Innovative, our focus will be on large format print and signage, labeling and packaging, and we’ll continue providing website services.

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