Teachers Faculty Planner



by D.A. Reyner


The Faculty Planner Provides:

  • A Comprehensive system of recording marks and planning courses for a full calendar year.
  • An extensive overview of all prospective meetings, assignments, and tests.
  • A daily register of class events, meetings, student confrontations, lectures and course curriculum.
  • Complete record of student presentations or assignments. The confidential performance reviews can remain intact for future references, or alternatively, can be removed or photocopied and handed to the student.
  • To record all test and assignment dates to ensure optimum distribution of the assignment load throughout the year.
  • The Student’s attendance records and test marks for the entire year, all in one line with extra large final mark columns. Sufficient space for 8 classes/courses or convertible to fewer but expanded sections for larger classes.
  • 5-Day Time Table, Telephone Listings, Business Contacts, Notes, Metric conversions.

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Faculty Planner

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