Secondary Teachers Weekly Plans and Records



by McGibbon


The Plan & Record System provides:

  • A special design for Semester/Two Day Cycle or any system with up to 6 time periods per day.
  • A Daily Plan Section, a whole week at a glance, is designed for 6 timer periods per day and entry of events/alterations and after school cimmitments.
  • An Evaluation Section for 7 classes, colour-coded for easy reference, every student name lines up with 120 grades, anecdotal evaluation, strengths and weakness and final marks summary.
  • A record section with perforated margins allowing test marks to be entered on several pages without re-entering students names.
  • Term and Final Standing Summary.
  • 4-Year calendars durable wire spiral bounding, English edition only.


  • Sample Page 1
  • Sample Page 2
  • Sample Page 3
  • Sample Page 4


McGibbon Weekly Planners

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