Revised Teachers Daily Plan Record Book



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Directions for the teacher on call – Staff / Department / Professional Meeting Notes / Daily Planning

  • Two Hundred and six of these core pages allow planning for ten classes per day. Enter lesson topics, homework assignments, reminders and comments for each class along with general notes, reminders and supervision duties for the day. Sufficient pages for even the longest school year.

Student Directory

  • Listing of names, addresses, telephone and student numbers.

The test marks & records section

  • 10 complete sections, where students’ names, entered only once, line up with all test marks. Consisting of the following sheets, specially ruled for:
  • Test Marks For every assignment, record the date assigned, date dues as well as the value and mark. Categorized by subject and class, student’s name and a nine digit student number. Sufficient space for 37 students.
  • Term and FInal Standing Summary A summary of all test marks in 3 columns, fall, winter, and spring totalling into a final grading column. Additionally, each terms’ total term mark, final exam mark, and final percentage may be listed. For schools using this method, a computerized comment can be entered.

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