Number One – “The Original”



by G.H. Dobrindt, B.A., B. Paed


This complete, one-book Plan & Record System for non-rotary classes provides:

  • Conveniently colour-coded, separate Plan and Record sections.
  • For planning, a full page every school day of the year, ample space to outline teaching activities.
  • It allows for tracing of personality traits, assignments, tests and examinations.
  • A record section with perforated margins allowing test marks to be entered on several pages without re-entering students names.
  • Anecdotal references, General Notations and Record of Promotions.
  • Time Tables, Seating Plans(conventional and special), Interviews, Promotions, Teaching Aids, Meetings and Notation, and a Test and Anecdotal Notes Section.
  • 4-Year calendars, durable wire spiral binding or loose-leaf, English or French editions.


  • Sample Page 1
  • Sample Page 2
  • Sample Page 3
  • Sample Page 4




Since the book is published loose-leaf, you can customize it with stock pages available separately or we can print pages or covers to your design. Please contact us for additional information and quotation.

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