My Drama Journal



by B.C. Smith


Features & Applications

  • Theatrical Terms In Drama – a list of the most used theatrical terms.
  • Journal Evaluation – A page for evaluating the journal entries, thought given to entries, self-disclosure, where work is needed, comments and other criteria.
  • Character Chart – What is said of the character by the play-wright, other characters and by the character himself that evolves into a summary of the character.
  • Resource Page – This is a page to collect things that grab your attention. Like Media clippings, photos, cartoons, or art.
  • “Spin Off” Ideas – A page where you can record ideas for your characters. (physical appearance, costume, props, posture walk, etc.)
  • Contacts / Events / Shows / Rehearsals – List dates and times.
  • “Spin Off” Tips – A list of tips that can be used as a part of your journal entries.
  • Warm-ups – A list of physical and vocal warm ups that assist you in preparation to perform.


  • Sample Page 1
  • Sample Page 2
  • Sample Page 3
  • Sample Page 4


Drama Journal

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